The Consumer Behavior

For marketers, understanding the behavior of the consumers is important in order for them to create a successful marketing strategy. Consumer behavior is the field that investigates how the consumers’ minds work in terms of buying the things that they need and want. Moreover, it reviews consumers’ action towards a particular product, service, and company. With this study, marketers are able to understand consumers.


Factors Affecting Consumer Behavior

There are three factors that affect consumer behavior:

  1. Personal factors

This includes the person’s ability to make a decision for him/her, unique habits, interests, and opinions. It can be affected by the individual’s age, background, gender, culture, and other personal issues.

  1. Psychological factors

It pertains to the individual’s unique thought process with evaluating a situation, ability to learn, and his/her attitude.

  1. Social factors

This is where a person’s decision is affected by several social influencers including their families, social interactions, school or work communities, and other groups where the individual is associated with. Other factors included are social classes, income, living conditions, and education level.

The Effective Marketing Strategy

When people go to a mall or visit an online shop, it means that they have the intention of buying something. Therefore, the marketers should use this opportunity to encourage consumers to spend money. There are several ways to do it like using different kinds of offers. It can be a free item, free trial, discounts, free shipping, special access to events, and much more.


Why Using Coupon Codes Is Effective

Though consumers have the intent to spend, they are also looking for ways to reduce the total cost. Therefore, using coupon codes to encourage consumers to buy in stores is an effective strategy. There are times when coupon codes simply go to waste because of the restrictions placed in the terms & conditions. It leads to disappointment so customers are deterred from purchasing. Therefore, you have to use different marketing strategies to maximize the use of coupon codes. Marketers can target specific customers, giving exclusive offers, get new customers, prelaunch offers, let customers earn money through affiliate programs, or teaming up with famous bloggers. There is an endless possibility of using coupon codes for marketing strategies.



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