The Negative Effects of Eating Too Much Sugar

Glucose is a simple sugar, which is the main source of energy of the cells in our body. Thus, we usually eat sweets if we need a boost in our energy levels – especially when doing school projects or when you are too tired due to your work. However, studies suggest that too much intake of glucose may harm our bodies.

From Glucose to Fructose

Fructose is another form of sugar and is commonly found in fruits, vegetables, and honey. However, fructose can be produced inside our body by conversion. The process is called ‘polyol pathway’, where the excess glucose in our body is converted into fructose. There are studies that suggest fructose is involved with the development of obesity and type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, there is a high chance that fructose can alter brain functions that are involved with metabolism, brain function, cell communication, and inflammation.

Negative Effects of Too Much Sugar

In a study conducted at Yale University, they used eight test subjects to measure the glucose and fructose levels in their brains. After infusing glucose into the blood, it resulted in a higher level of fructose in their brain. Therefore, we can conclude that the human body can easily convert excess glucose into fructose. With this mechanism, it can easily alter the functions in our brain.

Aside from obesity and type 2 diabetes, too much sugar is also linked with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. It happens when the enzyme responsible for preventing a buildup of brain plaque is affected by protein damage. After that, it destroys the brain tissue. The damage to this specific enzyme becomes worst as the Alzheimer develops.

Type 2 Diabetes

Currently, type 2 diabetes is an epidemic all over the world. Therefore, we can conclude that many people really like to eat sweets or foods that contain carbohydrates. So the next time that you see coupon codes that offer big discounts on foods that are major sources of carbohydrates, you should think twice before taking it. Moreover, it is important to regulate your consumption of desserts and snacks.



  1. Loren

    Aw sweets! Looks so good but harmful to our health. Damn!

  2. Sugary food are so yummy that’s why other people really couldn’t resist, including me. But when I read your blog I felt guilty. Good post!

  3. I cried watching the donut picture! This is so informative!

  4. Bella

    Sugar has been the culprit to most if not all ailments humans have today. It scares me to think what food doesn’t have sugar anymore.

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