The Science of Shopping

Back then, we have to go to stores and malls to buy the things that we need. But thanks to the improvement of technology, we can now shop online. It is now possible and easier to buy products all over the world and have it shipped straight to your house. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the status of your orders because you can track it online.



Marketing Strategy

When you go to the supermarket, you can observe that their arrangement seems almost the same as everyone else. Some people may not take note of it but there is a deeper meaning to it. People may not know it but several businesses are using different kinds of strategies to invite customers inside their stores and turn their visits into sales.

On the other hand, online shops are also doing the same. Most of them have lots of things posted on their websites like photos of their products and its prices. Moreover, you can easily see their current special promos, discounts, freebies, coupon codes, and other offers. They are persuading visitors to purchase items on their website so they will gain customers and increase their sales.

Different Types of Consumers

There are several types of consumers that use online shopping. Not all people are comfortable with shopping online because they are afraid of being a victim of a scam. Thus, there are people who only use online shops to browse products but go to the actual store to purchase it. Sometimes, there are customers who are simply waiting for sale and promo events. Then there are people who are too busy or too lazy to go to malls so they just do online shopping. They buy almost everything online from their groceries to fashion apparels, home and office appliances, and even take-outs.



Since there is a wide range of consumers that marketers can encounter on the internet, they have to make sure that they can accommodate customers’ wants and needs. They need to pay careful attention to every data that they can gather from their customers. If they are able to make a successful strategy then they will definitely win against their competitors and gain more profit.


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    Judging from the content of this post, I think the title should be “The Psychology of Shopping”! – because shopping is a behavior after all. 🙂

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